Welcome to Red Can Outfitters

It was back in 2012 when I purchased my 2010 FJ Cruiser. It was my first real 4×4. A lot has happened since that spring. I built up my FJ for self sufficiency and off road performance. I’ve been on countless off road trips, attended many events and have met some of the best people in the world. Friends for life. It truly is a way of life for me and it may be for others as well. We seek out adventure in our 4x4s, the smell of a good camp fire and the the laughter of friends and family. I’ve come to appreciate the Toyota brand and all of it’s great 4x4s throughout its history.

Fast forward to winter 2015 and all the above has lead me to start a brand that captures the spirit of our rigs and the adventures we take in them. I’ll be sharing those ideas and experiences through my designs. I’m launching the store with t-shirts and decals, but hope to expand into more apparel (jackets, hoodies, performance wear, hats, and beanies) and other branded accessories (mugs, pint glasses, patches, badges, dune flags and more).

Thank you to my friends for their support and to my wife, because I couldn’t have done this without her constant feedback and support. 😘 Thank you to my little helper and my backseat off road buddy. 🚙 Thank you to my current customers (FJ Cruiser Corps) who prove that I can design something decent and they’ll actually buy it. 😜👍

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